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Coach & Supervisor (DGSv)
Master-Coach EASC
Trainer für
Gruppendynamik (DGGO)
Mediator (BM)
Systemischer Berater (SG)

Danklstraße 4
81371 München
089/7 25 49 90
Fax 089/7 67 59 261

space mediation & conflict solving:
Conflicts within a team or between staff and leader arise due to contrary interests but also due to different working methods, cultural ideas, accidental hurts.

In some conflicts you have to deal with the reproach of workplace bullying

In current conflicts I offer:
kreis to develop solutions in the communicative field instead of structural measures
kreis to release mental blocks in several meetings with individuals, the team and with the boss to enhance slowly mutual trust and to develop good compromises

I offer for the leader to get clear his or her role within this conflict and to get clear adequate possibilities of control
The basic question for me is: To which extent is it possible to accept the existing diversity or even take a benefit of it and to which extent has a common ground to be preserved or re-achieved?

I have got my experience to handle successfully personal and workplace conflicts during my training in NonViolent Communication and mediation, in group dynamics and also in numerous moderations of conflict situations and workshops of team development with different branches, professions and with persons of different cultures.


Kuhn (1999): Konflikte systemisch und dynamisch lösen. Nicht der Konflikt ist das Problem, sondern die Unfähigkeit ihn zu regeln - Fünf Schritte zur Klärung von Auseinandersetzungen", Blätter der Wohlfahrtspflege 3-4/9, 146 Jg., "Mediation", 55-57


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