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Coach & Supervisor (DGSv)
Master-Coach EASC
Trainer für
Gruppendynamik (DGGO)
Mediator (BM)
Systemischer Berater (SG)

Danklstraße 4
81371 München
089/7 25 49 90
Fax 089/7 67 59 261
space my philosophy :
my professional purpose: to integrate efficiency and humanity into leadership,
into the team- cooperation and into the organization
my goals:
kreis to boost the ability of self-control
kreis to be aware of and working with hidden potentials
kreis to be aware of perceptive and behavioural patterns which are an obstacle to more performance
kreis to amplify the range of possibilities of action
kreis to provide effective tools for solving current problems, but also for the effective control of complexity
kreis to enable a system to solve it’s own problems
kreis to develop sustainable adapted solutions in cooperation with the persons involved
my concept:
kreis to clarify one’s own role, for example as a leaderr, with the suitable distance to keep and the adequate tools to act safely even in difficult situations of leadership
kreis the competence to act in a realistic way surges from the awareness of your strengths but also of your weaknesses
kreis my strengths and solution-oriented point of view helps you to solve your problems by means of your own possibilities
kreis a conscious and adequate confrontation can support an important step of growth
kreis to clarify and trade off different wishes leads to binding results
course of consulting:
kreis a profound understanding of the need for development
kreis to get ideas for the most effective point of leverage
kreis to determine on goals, methods and different roles
kreis to develop a concept and a catalogue of measures
kreis to work out measures
kreis to evaluate the effect of each measure
kreis to check the ideas with new informations
kreis to get a commitment about the further process

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