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Coach & Supervisor (DGSv)
Master-Coach EASC
Trainer für
Gruppendynamik (DGGO)
Mediator (BM)
Systemischer Berater (SG)

Danklstraße 4
81371 München
089/7 25 49 90
Fax 089/7 67 59 261

space leadership training:
  I plan and put into practice seminars for leaders with proved long-term efficiency in the field of:  
kreis getting clear your role
kreis solving typical conflicts in leadership
kreis managing tools
kreis self-management and burn-out prevention
kreis personnel leadership
kreis competence for social and team process

With account to external and internal seminars for leaders I’m working with a design which has proved successful for many years.
My experience includes the first managing level of municipalities, hospitals, industry hotels, information technology and team- leaders of different branches

team-development training:
I offer:
kreis to handle conflicts within a team or between teams in an open and constructive manner
kreis to deal with the obstacles for a better performance together with the team and to liberate thereby the energy for a solution
kreis to enable the team, to solve it’s own problems and conflicts
kreis to work in a creative and efficient way with a high level of individual, professional or cultural diversity, even in unavoidable conflict situations
kreis to work in the team with effective tools of cooperation

Each team training is planned right for the concrete situation and requirement. It may take one to three days.

How I work in this training depends on the goals agreed upon, the state of the team development and the time available.

Crucial to the success of a team training is professional leadership as well as the commitment of the participants.
With transparent goals and methods, space to participate and a good personal contact, I create and support this commitment.
Obstacles to a successful cooperation will be addressed within the safe training frameworks where adequate solutions are developed.

Kuhn, H. (2009): Die Gruppe als Mittel zur Leistungssteigerung, in: Edding, C./ Schattenhofer, K. (Hg.): Alles über Gruppen. Theorie, Anwendung, Praxis, Beltz, Weinheim, Basel, 124-161.

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